With the implementation of the new judicial management model in three of the most violent cities in the country, a future expansion to the rest of the national territory is expected.

A new model of Fiscal Management will be designed and implemented for prosecutors for the fight against corruption and women, among others.

We seek to reduce the homicide rate by 20 per 100,000 inhabitants and a conviction for at least 33 out of 100,000 cases of violent deaths.

Work Areas

The Security and Justice Axis establishes two main areas of work, on which it has its activities:

1. Reduction in homicide rate
2. Increase in convictions


Advocate for the State to reduce, in the next five years, the homicide rate to 20 per 100,000 inhabitants and at least 25 out of every 100 cases of violent deaths end in a conviction.



Alliance for Peace and Justice

The Alliance for Peace and Justice is a citizen platform that brings together different sectors of Honduran society and that performs a function of social auditing and political advocacy on the process of purification and reform of the security and justice system.

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