Through a new strategy to improve health services, it is possible to reduce the death of the population under 5 years of age and women in pregnancy, childbirth and the puerperium.

We aim to design, in conjunction with the Ministry of Health, a system for managing purchases and contracts, payments and inventories.

The processes of distribution and dispensing of medicines and supplies must be strengthened for the benefit of the poorest.

Work Areas

Provision of quality and warm health service for pregnant women and the population under five years of age, reducing maternal and infant mortality.


Advocate for the State, in the next five years, to reduce the number of deaths of women in pregnancy and childbirth by 40%, and the number of deaths of children under five years of age by 10% in the departments of Francisco Morazán and Cortés.



Let’s Transform Honduras is a platform made up of civil associations, religious institutions and committed citizens that works for the benefit of the great majority through the axes of education and health, with the purpose of generating changes for the transformation of the country through the empowerment of the society and a more efficient system.

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