El Estado debe incorporar a más de un millón de niños que se encuentran fuera del sistema educativo y garantizar educación de calidad para los dos millones ya inscritos.

We aim to design, in conjunction with the Ministry of Health, a system for managing purchases and contracts, payments and inventories.

Everyone has the right to education. Education will be aimed at the full development of the human personality and at strengthening respect for fundamental rights and freedoms (Art. 26)

Work Areas

1. Quality education and permanence for children within the educational system.

2. Incorporation of children excluded from the educational system.


Advocate for the State to increase by 20%, in the next five years, the number of children in acceptable performance, with quality of learning and transit at the indicated age. In addition, a 25% reduction in children and youth without access to education and the re-entry of 250,000 children and youth into the system.



Let’s Transform Honduras is a platform made up of civil associations, religious institutions and committed citizens that works for the benefit of the great majority through the axes of education and health, with the purpose of generating changes for the transformation of the country through the empowerment of the society and a more efficient system.

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